Over the Phone Interptertation Platform

Project Description

The goal of the project were to build a clustered telephone platform to provide over the phone interptertation services.
Platform were containing following parts:

  1. Agent part. Agents are receiving calls from a clients and routing them to a needed queue of an interpreters or to a specific interpreter. In case client were requesting to create a conference, agent is able to create a conference for a client and invite multiple participants into it togeather with an interpter
  2. Interpreter part. Interpter GUI is providing a client information
  3. Billing part
  4. Documents management part
  5. Accounting part. All invoices are imported into client quickbooks instance automatically on a monthly basis
  6. IVR platform with a voice recognition based on nuance vr

Platform is based on kamailio as a sip proxy and asterisk as a main pbx backend. Database backed -- percona db cluster. All platform nodes are in high availability mode.

Project Info

  • Client Private Person
  • Country USA
  • Category VOIP Development


  • Kamailio SIP Proxy
  • Asterisk PBX Backend
  • Percona BD Cluster
  • High Availability Mode
  • jQuery
  • JSON

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