What we do

Since 2008 SmartTechDo provides premium outsource development services and solutions for small and medium sized businesses worldwide. We have an experience of working on various large projects including complex business automation, ERP/CRM, 1000-5000 seats call centers in USA, Dominican Republic, Belarus and Russia. We use our global experience to help solve companies' most complex technology-related challenges.

Proven smart technologies for your business needs

We provide consulting services to make sure your business run successfull. We use best in the industry open source products to develop effective and flexible solutions for your business. We are allways here to provide top-notch support to our customers.

We specialize in VOIP and Billing Platforms Development, Business Automation Solutions, Custom Call Center and CRM/ERP Solutions and API integrations.

Our Services

Why People Choose Us

It's easy. Because we follow our principles to deliver 100% satisfaction to every customer. We always listen to what our customer needs and how it should be done, then we write clean and effective code, keep our prices on fair level, and finally, we provide great support for every product and service we do.

At SmartTechDo we believe that the only way to truly understand what our customer needs is to listen. We also find great value in your feedback. Whether its good or bad we want to hear it and we want to learn from it. We are happy to change the way we do things if it means we can deliver a better result. And we will do our best to do it on time in a professional manner.
We believe in simplistic approach with clean and effective code. We love our code to be elegant and efficient. The logic should be straightforward and make it hard for bugs to hide, the dependencies minimal to ease maintenance and error handling. Clean and effective code means you have a high quality solution that saves your money on updates and future development.
In software development you always get what you pay for. If you hire a cheap development company, you'll get a cheap product that may not perform well and/or will likely require unexpected updates sooner than later resulting in more cost, more time, and more frustration. Being a quality software development company, SmartTechDo still keep fair prices to deliver the best value for your money.
We do our best to build good relationships with our customers. We believe, that great customer support is a key to successfull business development. We are allways ready to follow both positive and negative feedback. Feel free to contact us on any case.
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Tel: +1 (305) 809-0256 Email: info@smarttechdo.com