Maintenance & Support

Software maintenance and support is an essential part of software development lifecycle process, starting before development to ensure robust and profitable solutions. SmartTechDo provides our clients with free software support period, that varies from one month to one year. It is basically incuded into development cicle and depends on project size. We also provide additional prepaid maintenance and support after poduction rlease to deliver even better service for our clients.

Professional Remote Services

Prepaid maintenance and support is designed to offer even greater service for your business, helping you save time and money.

It is simple, you decide how many hours of remote support your company will need. Once this is in place you can rest easy knowing your software system and data will be well taken care of.

Server security audit and intrusion detection

Server will be inspected manually and also with set of scripts on daily basis in order to detect any intrusions into the server. Fast intrusion identification will reduce possible service downtime and data loss.

Security updates installation

Security updates will significantly lower hacker intrusions possibility.

Data backup

In cases if something will happen with a server and it will become unusable (hard drive, server, data-center, hacker attacks) all data will be saved in a way which will allow to restore service on a new server in a short terms. Service will be automated with our unique brand scripts.

Server space cleanup

Enough free disc space on the server will reduce a possibility of a services downtime.

Services configuration according to developers needs

We will be performing modules installations upon developer request.

Configuration or a new domains

Once your company will decide to host a new website we will create all needed accounts and whole infrastructure for it per developer request.

Server software updates and reconfigurations

Keeping server “up to date” will increase server stability and will make security audit and updating fast and easy.

Database cleanup and optimization

Database optimization will allow server to process user requests faster and speed up pages loading.

Data-center problem resolution

In case data-center will have any issues like power or network outage, hardware updates or any other issues we will take care of this problem and will keep you informed about process of resolution.

Our Key Advantages

100% Open Source

We use only the best in the industry open source products for development

Turn-key Solutions

You get the final, ready to use turn-key solutions for your business

Best Price for Quality

You get fair price for development services and premium quality solutions

Focus on your Business

We focus exclusively on your business needs by working on premium quality

Clean & Effective Code

We deliver a high quality solution that saves your money on future development

Free Bugfix & Support

We fix all bugs for free and support our products after release